Writing / Producing

Lorna has also established herself as a playwright, director and film producer working with companies, and individuals, including The Royal Court Theatre, The Kings Head Theatre, Ken Campbell and Karl Howman. Here is a selection of press/publicity from various productions

  • Love Nest - Producer: Feast Films 2007
  • Rampage - Assistant Director
  • Makbed - Director: Ken Campbell Productions (Tour)
  • Hairy Fairies - Writer: Jermyn St Theatre & Brighton Festival 2005.
  • The Ho-Ho Club - Assistant Director: King's Head Theatre 2006

Love Nest - Producer

The most recent project is the very exciting Love Nest: (Click here to view Love Nest Myspace page)


In the early hours of morning JP skulks home to find his wife Sally waiting up for him. The ensuing argument wakes Mal and Adam, who live in the flat below. After some brief eavesdropping they become sidetracked discussing the state of their own relationship, via bad habits and issues of taste. Below them, the young lovers Lucy and Harry have had a drunken row about a sensitive subject. Will the couples be able to forgive and forget? Or is a good night’s sleep the least of their worries?



Love Nest Trailer

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SALLY (Zoe Telford)

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JP (Paul Thornley)

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MAL (Matthew Chambers) ADAM (Charles Aitken)

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LUCY (Cordelia Bugeja)

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HARRY (Sean B Brosnan)

The Ho Ho Club - Assistant Director


Rampage - Assistant Director


Makbed - Director